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Our Firm

For years, the name Tavis & Bunyard has been synonymous with success. The transition to Redwood Empire Law & Mediation (RELM) continues with the same traditions and goals that have enabled our clients to realize success throughout the years. At RELM, our values remain consistent with those of  Tavis & Bunyard.


Our collective experience provides our clients with multiple options so they may choose the best path to resolution of their family law matters. We work closely with our clients to gain insight and understanding into their specific circumstances and goals so we can assist them to achieve the best result possible.


The firm has extensive experience handling complex family law matters, including high-conflict custody and complex support and property matters. We have gained the trust and respect of our colleagues and judicial officers based on our bold, reasonable, and innovative approaches.


We provide family law support in the areas of divorce, legal separation, custody and visitation matters, child support, spousal support, paternity, division of assets and liabilities, post judgment modifications, paternity, grandparent rights, custody mediation, special needs children, pre-nuptial agreements, post nuptial agreements, domestic partnerships, and LGBTQ issues.


Whether our role is litigator, mediator, or collaborative attorney, our goal is to assist clients in resolving their family law matter in the most efficient manner possible. We employ the services of CPAs, forensic accountants, therapists, forensic psychologists, financial planners, parenting coaches, property valuators, vocational evaluators, and other professionals with specialized knowledge and skill to provide our clients with the information necessary to make informed decisions.


The landscape of family law has changed. RELM is changing with the times in order to provide clients with access to all legal options and services available to meet their individualized needs. Many clients are choosing alternative dispute resolution options, such as mediation, collaborative law, and other uncontested processes. Others require litigation. Our success as litigators is premised on attention to detail and an individualized legal approach. We apply the same attention to detail and individualized approach to our mediation, collaborative law, and uncontested matters.

Efficient Methods

Family law matters involve many complex legal issues that may impact emotions, finances and familial relationships. At RELM, we assist our clients to navigate through these issues efficiently by employing a structured approach to dispute resolution.


Our approach begins with listening to the needs of each individual client and creating a customized case plan. The case plan is revisited and adjusted periodically to meet the challenges that arise during the case. We encourage our clients to consider the costs of each option available. There are quantitative costs (how much money it will cost to pursue an option) and qualitative costs (the toll a specific option will have on you, your health, your relationships, and your family). We believe that informed decisions must consider both quantitative and qualitative costs.


We employ a team approach that includes a paralegal with more than 20 years experience working on complex and high conflict matters. Tasks are delegated to paralegals and experts to maximize cost effectiveness.


Family law matters require the collection and exchange of documents. Many times clients find this aspect of their case extremely challenging as they may not be in possession of the documents, may not know how to obtain the required documents, or have the time to collect them. At RELM, we work with our clients to obtain all the necessary information required to resolve their matter, using technology and other means to streamline the process.


It is a tenet of our philosophy that our attorneys provide our clients with options based on the law and the unique facts of their case. Our clients know what is best for them and their family. It is our goal to provide our clients with the legal options available to them, given their specific circumstances, so that they can make informed decisions regarding their future.

Comprehensive Approach

At RELM, we firmly believe that knowledge is power. We incorporate this philosophy into our legal advice in three distinct ways:

We believe the more informed you are about your options, the less you are likely to feel overpowered by the process;

We utilize the services of experts and others with specialized knowledge if your case requires their assistance.

Frequent case-file reviews are held so that all members of our team are knowledgeable and prepared to address your concerns

Planning For The Future

Our firm believes that decisions you make during your divorce will impact you for years to come. We encourage clients during the dissolution process to begin thinking about their future in timeframes of 18 months, 36 months, or even 60 months after resolution of the Family Law issue. Formulating and communicating your goals can assist our attorneys in bringing your matter to resolution.


Simply put, we want to help you achieve your goals while providing you with sound legal information.

Use Of Experts

Over the years, our team has used CPAs, real estate appraisers, vocational experts, child custody experts, medical experts, and a range of others to achieve successful results for their clients. Your case will be analyzed as to whether an expert is required, and whether that expert can be utilized effectively and efficiently. Many times involving an expert in a given field is the best way to be informed about options.