Whether our role is mediator, litigator, or collaborative attorney, our success is predicated on working closely with parties to develop individualized solutions to their problems. Each case requires careful examination of each party’s goals and concerns so that solutions can be explored and ultimately implemented. Whether your matter is being litigated, mediated, or in the collaborative law process, RELM will assist you in developing individualized solutions that meet our clients’ needs.

Dispute Resolution Process

The landscape in family law has changed. Previously, the vast majority of family law parties resolved their legal disputes through expensive court processes. Now, there are far more resolution options available. We are experienced and trained in collaborative law and mediation, as well as litigation. We will help determine the right process for your matter, then partner with you through successful resolution.

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Practice Areas

By nature, family law issues are complex. Valuing and dividing assets, allocating income, and choosing a custody schedule all involve complex emotions and legal concepts. Similarly, complex issues arise when considering pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements. Whatever family law issues you are facing, we have experience guiding parties through them successfully no matter how complex.

Scope of Representation

If you need a mediator, an attorney to represent you in court, or a collaborative law process, RELM can help. If you need an attorney to assist you behind the scenes, RELM can help. If you need an attorney for only part of your case, RELM can help. If you need your dispute mediated, RELM can also help.

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